Youth Sports Development Program

Youth Sports Development Program

Welcome to the Youth Sports Development Program!

 Our goal is to promote engagement in sports such as tennis, basketball, and football among young people in Tanzania. By providing access to training and equipment, we can help young people develop their skills and confidence while promoting healthy habits and teamwork.

We believe that sports are an important part of a healthy and active lifestyle, and we are committed to providing opportunities for young people to engage in sports and develop their skills. Our program is designed to be accessible to all young people, regardless of their background or experience level.

Our program includes:

  • Sports Training: Our program provides access to sports training in a variety of disciplines, including tennis, basketball, and football. Through our training, young people can develop their skills and confidence, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of healthy habits and teamwork.
  • Equipment Access: We believe that access to equipment is an important part of sports engagement. That’s why our program provides access to sports equipment such as balls, nets, and other necessary items. By removing barriers to access, we can make sports engagement more accessible to young people across Tanzania.
  • Community Engagement: Our program also includes community engagement activities, such as sports tournaments, coaching clinics, and other events that promote healthy habits and team spirit. By engaging with the community, we can promote a culture of sports engagement and inspire positive change in Tanzania.


At the Youth Sports Development Program, we are committed to promoting engagement in sports and inspiring healthy habits among young people in Tanzania. We believe that through our efforts, we can empower young people to become active and engaged members of their communities.

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If you are a young person who is passionate about sports and wants to develop your skills, we invite you to join our program today. With our support and guidance, you can become a confident athlete and make a positive impact in your community.